Interview with Emily Aleman – Graduate Class of 2008 – Series of Graduates, now Staff Members


Here at Centennial we have a lot of teachers who were Eagles themselves, whether they graduated in the 90’s or the late 2000’s. They took the saying “once an eagle, always an eagle” to heart.

This is true for Emily Aleman, head secretary, who graduated with the class of 2008. She was a superstar student within the theatre department. Being in Tech Theatre and the normal acting classes, theatre was very important to Emily. Coming back after graduation and touring Europe, she became the new theatre department tech director. She started working in the tech department in 2015, and Emily has been passionate about theatre since her freshman year. She enjoyed the environment of being in the auditorium again after years of being gone. McCarty helped her feel comfortable within the department, even going as far as helping her get a job as a secretary. Now Emily is head secretary and happier than she had ever been. Emily enjoys the staff members she works with, especially Lena the lead attendance lady. Emily coming back as an Eagle helps her recognize the change within the school, especially in the equality department. With the rainbow flag in the cafeteria as an example of symbolizing the importance of spreading equality among students and staff, Emily sees the change and is proud of her eagles for causing the change. Emily loves her job as the head secretary and enjoys her coworkers. Asking Emily a class that she misses, she said she misses woodshop class. Hearing from other teachers, they miss that class as well. Emily wishes when she was in high school to be able to take the Women Literature and Gender Studies class that was offered after she had graduated.

If you have ever been in the office, you have probably seen this sweet person. Emily is located in the second entrance to the office to the right of the hallway. If you are ever interested, swing by her office and say hi to her! She enjoys talking with students.