CHS Volleyball – An Update

Nicholas Nathan White, Writer

The 2021 Season of volleyball for CHS was dare I say…not pleasant seeing how we went 0-19 with a RPI rating of 290.870 and a college rating of 83.209. Also the fact that our competition in Oregon is stellar. I interviewed one player, Yana Kiruta and had this interview with the former Track and Field athlete.

Q1: Now Yana, first of all, what position do you play on the team?
Kiruta: “I play right side, which means I defend on the front right side of the net.”

Q2: Who would you say is the proverbial “MVP” of the CHS volleyball team?
Kiruta: “Alexis Henderson, she plays middle.”

Q3: What is the biggest strength of our CHS volleyball team?
Kiruta: “Our team chemistry and the way we encourage each other on the court.”

Q4: What would you say was the biggest lesson and benefit you have taken from playing volleyball?
Kiruta: “It has taught me patience and how to play in a team sport since I’m used to playing single person sports.”

I then went on my way back to the Talon office and wondered…What can we do to turn things around next season? And to be honest I do not know. It will be up to the team and our coaching staff for I am simply the reporter. Maybe it will take training and a little help from whatever God the player believes in, but I have faith that next season we will come back stronger and better than ever. As that is all I can do, I simply hope and have faith in the team, but only time will tell if they can come back and make our school proud.