Interview – CHS Wrestling Team Member Devin Salazar


Nicholas Nathan White, Writer

I had the opportunity to interview Devin Salazar today about his time on the wrestling team and this is what the classy wrestler had to say…

Q1: Why did you start wrestling?

A1 Salazar: “My brother influenced me in middle school.”


Q2: What is the biggest challenge of wrestling?
A2 Salazar: “Remembering the moves and techniques.”

Q3: How long have you wrestled?

A3 Salazar: “Since 7th grade.” (He attended Centennial Middle School)


Q4: What message would you like to give to the other wrestling teams in the state?

A4 Salazar: “Pay attention and listen to the coaches”

That concluded my interview with Salazar and I wish the best to him and the rest of our wrestlers here at CHS…..GO EAGLES!