CHS Welcomes Mx. Muth to the Eagle Family

Nicholas Nathan White, Writer

One of newest members to the Centennial family is Mx. Laur Muth, who is a teacher in the field of US Government.  They and I had a interview all about them, so that we may learn more about Mx. Laur Muth.  This is how it went.

Q1: Where did you grow up?

Muth: “I grew up in Alexandria, Virginia.”

Q2: What prior schooling have you done to prepare for your teaching career?

Muth: “I got my Masters of Education and teaching license at PSU.”

Q3: What is your favorite part of CHS?

Muth: “I have 2 favorite parts, one is I like working with students and I got a lot of good support and advice from other teachers.”

Q4 :Why do you have a passion for teaching?

Muth: “After college I was working in a non profit (organization) and did some freelance journalism and as a side hustle I tutored and I realized I liked tutoring.”

Q5: What message do you want to send to every LBGTQ+ student that reads this?

Muth: “My door is always open to talk and I would say you’re valid, you’re welcome and the world is better and more interesting with you in it.”

Thank you, and welcome!