Interview – Will Hall for BSU


I am interested in different clubs we offer at Centennial  for students to have as safe spaces. With the recent advisory lesson on creating safe spaces, an idea sparked in me to look into and interview different clubs that can be safe spaces for minority students. It is important for students of color, LGBTQ and nerodivergent students to have spaces or clubs they can join in to get a sense of community and safety. Today I interviewed REAP teacher Will Hall, leader of our school’s BSU (Black Students United) to ask some important questions that students may not know.

Here is how the interview went… 

Q1) What is your club and what does your club do?

Hall: “bringing awareness of building better men, better black men and bringing men of different ethnicities together. Bring awareness of how to strengthen our community in the school.” said Hall.

Q2)  How does your club help build a culture?

Hall: “We help the community with building better leadership skills, being better leaders, holding each other accountable, being responsible and having courage being different.” 

Q3) How exactly can students join the club?

Hall: “Come into the sun room. We have a barcode you can scan with your phone, you can sign online. Or you can come into the REAP room and I can give you a sign in sheet.” 

Myself: “That’s really cool, I like how there is modern technology.”

Q4) Are all students welcome?

Hall: “All students are welcome, we have somebody in here that actually does a solution program. That is based around females. Right now I strictly deal with male students. I’m trying to be more involved. Yeah, anybody can join.” 

The interview went well. I feel as though I now have a better understanding of what BSU is. I would like to thank Will Hall for letting me interview them. 

If you are interested in joining BSU or have more questions, the REAP room is located next to the library.  The club meets every Wednesday during lunch and after school in the Sun/REAP office.

The doors are always open, Will be there to answer any further questions you may have.