Remind App Increases Contact


Kira Harmon, Staff Writer

Remind is an app used by teachers, student council, and after school sports, used to connect and remind students and parents of homework or any upcoming events. Ben Petersen, a math and science teacher, is the CHS “expert” on this app and how its used.

”Every teacher has access to join with their class,” Petersen said.

He also mentioned how his favorite part about the app is that he can send out texts, but keeps his number private, so it basically keeps the number anonymous.

It can be just students, or just parents and that is all in the teachers power. You can also make a group. So if you are in a sport, all of your teammates can be in a group and get Remind texts.

Any parent or student who has a question can text back to the remind and get an answer that way.

“Not everyone has good effective emails, and the middle school data said  40% of students have text-able numbers. They either put in their landline, or its an old number, so it isn’t fully accurate, but it is an easier way to communicate,” Petersen said.

“Probably half the time I call home, it goes to voicemail, and it is full or it isn’t an active number anymore, so it’s just another avenue. Emails also work, but they’re not 100%,” said Petersen.