Mathews Takes Over While Massey Has Knee Replacement


PC: Aaron Valentine

Roger Matthews

Alexi Howard, Cub Reporter

Centennial High School’s 2019-2020 school year will be filled with replacements of staff members who will be retiring after this year. One specific staff member, Brian Grose, will be turning over their spot as security guard after this year.

The previous head wrestling coach, Roger Matthews, has been filling in for Joe Massey for the past few weeks as a trial to see how much he enjoys playing the role of looking over the students around the school. Massey is out due to a knee replacement.

Mathews will use this experience to determine if he will apply for the opening created by Grose’s retirement; contrary to rumors, Mathews said he has not been offered the job full time, and has not even applied for it.  

Coach Ehren Schneider and Coach Roger will be switching rolls as wrestling coaches, meaning Roger will become assistant coach and Schneider will take over as head coach for the next wrestling season.

“So far, I find this job very fun,” said Mathews. “I enjoy talking with all the kids, which was why I was a wrestling coach for so long.”

Other members of the CHS staff retiring are Spanish teacher Lia Larson, math teacher, Debbie Dube, Head Secretary Shelley Johnson, Secretary Debbie Huecker,  P.E. teacher Mick Nelson. Science teacher Kate Dean has resigned and will be headed back to Estacada High School.