Personal Perspective: Balancing School With Soccer


Alexi Howard, Cub Reporter

Playing soccer or any other sport takes a toll on your everyday life, especially when you have school on top of it.  It’s crucial that I find a way to balance school and soccer so I can succeed at both and reach my full potential.

One way I balance school with soccer is making a to-do list, rather it’s on my phone or written out. Personally, I enjoy typing a to-do list on my phone so I know exactly what I need to get done that day. Using my phone allows me to frequently check what I have to do that day, because my phone is always with me. In my notes, I write about what homework I may have for certain classes, what chores I have to do at home, and what my overall plan is for the day. By doing this, I can assure that I get all of my schoolwork done before my soccer practice or games.  This genuinely helps me organize my day and my tasks for the day.

Another thing that helps me balance school with soccer is using a calendar. But, it isn’t any ordinary calendar. I specifically have a calendar set aside for my soccer and school schedule. This allows me to see if anything on my agenda from school and soccer clash, and gives me time to work out a plan. If anything does clash and there’s no way around it, then I will skip soccer practice to get my school work done. Although this rarely happens, when it does, I have to remember that school comes before soccer.

Getting my schoolwork done early is also a way that I can balance my school and soccer. Starting my homework right when I get home before soccer practice assures that I will not have to miss soccer for school work that could’ve been done. This easily prevents schoolwork and soccer from clashing. Also, I choose to do my homework rather than sleeping because then when my soccer practice is over, I can come home, shower, eat and easily fall asleep to get all the hours of sleep I need.

Overall, balancing school with soccer is relatively an easy thing to do if you’re dedicated and determined. Finding ways to make your day easier like using to-do lists, calendars, and getting my school work done early are just a few examples of how to balance my busy schedule.