Speech And Debate Has Great Competition



Jen Loeung.

Meera Forespring, Staff Writer

Speech and Debate’s recent competition went well, as members placed all across the board and many were chosen to go and represent CHS at State.

“Senior Hunnie Sebah won first place even after she had lost her voice; she still went up and performed, whispering her speech. Because her speech was so well put together, because her expression was so good she beat out the other people who had an actual speaking voice.  And that says a lot,” said Advisor Jen Loeung.

Judges were impressed beyond measure by Sebah’s arrangement and presentation that she won 1st.

I was (also) extremely pleased with Daniel Torrez and Miguel Hernandez,” said Loeung. They were first time sacrifice policy debaters, which is the hardest debate in the state of Oregon.

“We placed all across the board and I am just so proud of these kids because they help each other, their team work is outstanding, and they support each other all the way through thick and thin.”

And I would like (to) encourage all students who have an interest in speech in debate to join, said Loeung.

“If you’re flexible, join the class. You can earn college credit, it will help you with scholarships, life skills, and critical thinking,” she said.

The results for districts are the following:


LIBEL (For our ELL students)

Hao Li – 1st place

Zane Al Saood – 2nd



Alexander Dimitriov – 3rd place, alternate to state



Junior –  Matthew Maillet –  4th

Junior – James Le – 3rd and alternative to state


After Dinner Speaking

Freshman – Alt Jaden Gebauer 3rd place



Senior – Rodrigo Vidal-Ornelas 2nd place


Program of Oral Interpretation

Senior – Hunnie Sebeh – 1st



Junior – Wen Chi Cheng -4th place



Sophomore – Rachel Le – 2nd place going to state


Dual Interpretation

Sophomore Shelby Colt and Henry Dobesh – 3rd and alternate to state.



Freshman, Elizabeth Dimitrova – 4th

Junior, Matthew Maillet – 3rd and alt


Lincoln-Douglas Debate

Sophomore – Shelby Colt 2nd place representing CHS at State


Cross- Examination Policy Debate

Sophomore Daniel Torres-Medina & Junior Miguel Hernandez – 3rd Place, they had to forfeit due to time constraints, they were 2nd place.


Public Forum Debate

Rachel Le and Jessica Cornea – 3rd and alt to state – waiting for a contested point. It may be Matthew and James.

Kit Bishop and Elizabeth Dimatrova – 2nd going to state



Matthew Maillet


“I was extremely pleased with our students,” said Loeung.