Spaying And Neutering Is Important

Spaying And Neutering Is Important

Jilene Jensen, Staff Writer

Spaying and neutering pets is very import to keep an animal happy and healthy.

It will also control the population of pets. We help control the animal population in Oregon because there are so many animals that are either surrendered to shelter or just abandoned on the streets. Even with current efforts about 1.5 million pets are euthanized every year.

There are health benefits to spaying and neutering. There are a lot of conditions resulting in not spaying or neuter your pets. One condition called  pyometra an infection in the uterus causing it to fill with pus in females who haven’t been spayed and can be fatal if it is not caught early enough. “There are recommended studies though that suggest waiting to neuter large breed dogs until they are at least a year old, thus allowing the long bones and other key features to reach more a more mature state with the aid of hormones prior to neutering,” said Jennifer Ford, Vet Tech, former SAC.

There are also behavioral benefits to spaying and neutering. Without the hormonal aspect animals will calm down. For example unaltered males will spray to mark their territory and unaltered females will go into heat. An estrous cycle (heat) similar to the menstrual cycle in people the only difference is the the ovaries will keep putting out eggs until fertilization.  After being spayed and neutered they could become more affectionate and have non hormonal aggression

The costs of spay and neutering will include blood work, post OP meds for Pain, Cone of shame or alternative options and the spay and neuter itself. It also depends on the size and age of the animal. Overall health is also an important factor. Blood work about $65 to over $100. Post OP meds about $15-$45. Cone of shame $25. Spay and neuter $5-$600

There are low cost spay and neuter events in Oregon. “ As well as the Oregon Spay and Neuter Foundation’s coupon that is accepted at many vet offices, just go to the website and find one close to you.,” Said Ford.

Here is a link to an alternative option to the cone of Shame :