Student Spends Week In Washington D.C.


Derek Reid, Cub Reporter

After hearing that my father has got a reward and the ceremony would be in Washington, D.C., we started to make plans for a week-long trip two months ago. Waking up for a plane isn’t the easiest thing to do, but doing that instead of waking up for school boosts ones’ motivation.  

After sitting on a plane for five hours and arriving in D.C. stretching is the best thing ever.  Then things went downhill, when we got the hotel after walking in the swampy air we were informed that our two-month-old reservation has been giving away.  We were then moved to a shady hotel for a day, which sorta made the next day harder.

After sleeping on pull-out bed next to my sibling, I got dressed neatly and went to my first stop:  A walking tour of Alexandra. I stopped at three fancy food places, the best part was the Italian food, and the foam-like cake.  After that, we moved hotels to where we were supposed to go…. Still slept on a pull out couch.

Waking up early, my family went to the Library of Congress.  On a tour, we learned some interesting things like how the paintings follow you.  Then after looking at World War I stuff, we left. We walked across the street to the Capitol Building.  Walked across the street again, going to the Supreme court. On the way there, we saw secret service walk past.  Looked like the kingsman. Everything in the supreme court is marble, completely marble. We got a tour of the actual court though, but I kept passing out.  After that, we walked a few blocks to the National archive, where Nick Cage stole the paper I saw in person. After that, we went to the hotel in a cab, and passed out.

Friday was the memorial day, for us, where we saw the Washington, WWII, Lincoln, Vietnam, and the White House to where we saw President Trump take off in a helicopter. After that, we all went to the hotel and passed out, again.  

Saturday was Gettysburg.  Where we saw the battlefield in person; saw people fire muskets.  They were trained to do so, of course, with blanks. What I was thankful for that day was that they had an auto tour.  Our family did not know that the Gettysburg battlegrounds were miles and miles wide. We maybe did a mile in that humid hot sun and went back to our steaming car only to relax with the nice air conditioning inside.  Past the open field we went to the town itself, seeing mostly people in shorts and a t-shirt. Except one guy who was dressed in full wool, like a Union soldier would. After that, we went to the hotel and slept in wool blankets in a cold hotel pull out bed.

The final full day of our trip was spent at our cousins house, which was sure an experience seeing the inside of a Virgina mansion. In one of the richest counties in all of America. It was cool seeing my first cousins in the flesh, instead of just hearing about them across the States.

The next day was, driving out of the area.  Getting on a plane, and then collapsing in my bed a few hours after that.  The movies were good at least. Then the next day came, waking up to go to school after all that.  I had to find every fiber of motivation to wake up and go to school, but I made it. If there’s one thing I can say about that trip, it’s that I should have been more prepared for the humidity.