Forecasting Starts In Two Weeks


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Zach Ramberg

Eli Porterfield, Sports Editor

Forecasting for classes next year is quickly approaching. On Feb. 13, there is an hour assembly focused on explaining forecasting.

According to Vice Principal Zach Ramberg, during period 2 many materials for forecasting will be distributed to students. These include the curriculum guide, sheets, and student transcripts. The teachers will run students through lessons to help clarify questions about forecasting.

For incoming freshmen the process is different than 8th grade forecasting. There is more freedom for students to decide their schedules. Ramberg stated that there is less guidance and the process of forecasting is more student-driven.

Forecasting sheets require a parent signature and will be due Friday, Feb. 16 to student’s second period teachers. Ramberg emphasized that classes are given on a first-come, first-served basis. When students don’t turn in their forecasting sheets on time, it causes problems for both the students and forecasters. It’s challenging for forecasters to predict what classes students want. Additionally, students are less likely to get the classes they wanted if they do not follow deadlines.

Ramberg encourages students to “push themselves academically by taking AP, Honors, or other advanced classes.” He said the school helps support and grow them. Additionally, Ramberg said that communication is critical during the forecasting process. Students talking with parents and teachers is helpful to everyone. It’s important for students to talk with teachers in classes they’re interested in to see if they want to take the class. Parents and students should communicate to agree on what classes the student should take.

This year, many new classes will be added to the course catalog. Beginning Foods will be renamed as Intro to Culinary Arts 1. There will be a new class added that is Intro to Culinary Arts 2. Those classes will lead into Culinary Arts And Hospitality Management. These classes will be instructed by Matt Rockwell. Another new class is Painting 1 which will be taught by Janice. Yang. Senior Success is a new class that will be handled by Kristin Klotter.

There are many challenges associated with making people’s schedules for Ramberg. One challenge for him is that the process of making schedules is very time consuming. Another problem  is scheduling small classes that only have one period. Additionally, it’s tough to fit people into three different lunches while balancing classes and sizes. Despite these issues, Ramberg credits the department leadership, counselors, and other principals for making the process easier.