Oct. 11 Brings Lots Of Opportunities For Students



The PSAT study guide has been distributed to sophomore and juniors through their English classes.

Ava Fischer , Staff Writer

The PSAT’s are just around the corner.  On October 11, sophomores and juniors are taking this test.

The PSAT is literally a practice SAT.  The SAT is a test that most colleges require seniors to take as part of the entry process.  There are other, similar tests, but the SAT is the major one that colleges look at.   The score tells them whether the student is likely to succeed, or not.  The PSAT does not affect student grades at all.

Students must be prepared for the rest of they want to do well.  PSAT Coordinator Jeff Stanek said, “Studies show that getting a good night’s sleep, drinking lots of  water, and eating right the day of the test all help students to do well.”

Stanek also said, “There is no penalty if you do not take it. But it can count for a work sample if you do well on it.”

English classes will be passing out a booklet with practice tests in them.  Make sure to bring a pencil and a calculator, as they will not be provided to you.

That day, freshman and seniors still have school, but will be doing other activities both on, and off campus.  The freshmen will have a variety of short presentations on campus, but the seniors will have choices that include local college visits, FAFSA preparation and a trades fair.

The Talon will have updates on this day as they develop.