Bond Doesn’t Pass!

Sheila Trnjanin, Sports Editor

The proposed bond measure which would have helped fund a new middle school, school upgrades, and athletic facilities improvements did not pass.

Election day was on May 17, and after solidifying all of the votes, the final outcome came to 57% not approving the bond while 43% were in favor.

Superintendent Sam Breyer said, “The Centennial School Board will review the election data, and feedback from the community, and determine how to provide the facilities our district needs.”

One possible option will be to have the community consider the Bond again in the November election.

The Board needs to continue to work hard to gain the needed funds for the district.

“Centennial faces capacity issues and has critical upgrade needs, so we need to work with our community to get the right request that they will support,” Breyer said. “I’m confident the district can get that done and support our students in having the education they deserve.”