CSD and CEA Create Conceptual Agreement Topics

Sophie Vawter, Co-Editor

On March 3, the Centennial School District (CSD) and the Centennial Education Association (CEA) met in the community room from 2-5:45 pm.

So far the teams have created conceptual agreement topics: Personal leave days and transfer timelines. According the CEA contract, personal leave days are days that staff members use for business that can’t be done outside of work hours.

One of the reasons for this to be a concern is that both sides want to ensure that there are quality educators in the classrooms, and are currently having problems with our low substitute pool.

Transfer timelines are being discussed in order to ensure that a staff member notifies, (or will be notified by the District) when they will be transferring by a specific date. This would simply make the process more transparent.

The last meeting was March 14 from 1-4 pm in the District Boardroom. Topics discussed then included tuition reimbursement, job assignment notification, and temporary employees.
The next meeting is April 14 1-5 pm.