Justin Bieber Moving to Sandy, OR?

Laura Popescu, Editor-In-Chief

As proven in my earlier review, I am practically an expert on all issues Justin Bieber. And while doing some studying, something amongst the media rumors caught my attention. Could this teena- sorry, “adult” heartthrob be moving to Sandy, OR???

From what must likely started as a small blog post (mckenziepost.com) ended in a huge reddit explosion of explanations as to why the young artist could potentially decide to be living here in Oregon, leaving his fast city-life behind.

Reddit user, baconbananapancakes stated “THIS IS NOT A JOURNALISTIC SOURCE” but we know better… This is merely a tactic to shy away from the real news that JB might be a true Oregonian at heart.

Recently spotted in Eugene, Oregon, Bieber shows to have sparked some interest in the hipster lifestyle, walking down the streets of downtown, but simple questions pops up: Why Oregon? What’s so good in Sandy?

Supposedly, in an interview with US Weekly he stated, “I want a cow, I want a farm, I want chickens!” Uhm. There you go. Enough reason to prove why a billion dollar artist leaves the big-city world to pursue his real dreams in a the country where he will soon find a nice little country girl to settle down with and then create a last album to explain his “change of heart.” Sounds like a bad, or usual, Hallmark movie if you ask me.

Whether he is moving here or not, I think Oregon got a taste of victory when Justin Bieber VOLUNTARILY decided to step foot in Oregon, nonetheless Eugene. Not even the mainstream part of Oregon which ironically, may allude to the fact that he is even more hipster than the ~soft grunge~ hipsters we see at Stumptown.

Personally, it’s only been about three days of this rumor and I’m already over it. Bieber could move here all he wants but as soon as he realizes Sandy has more New Seasons than it does nightclubs, he’s on the first plane back to Calabasas. Guess what, Bieber? I wanted to be a lawyer once but something called “reality” struck, so don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched.