Boys Take S. Medford Deep Into 4th Quarter

Sheila Trnjanin, Co-Editor

Improvement, working hard, and making a presence at every game enabled boys basketball to end this season with an overall record of 13-13.

Their final game was against South Medford, the second ranked team in state, being a 60-46 loss. There were multiple opportunities for the team to win the game, with them being down by three at the beginning of the fourth quarter.

Coach Osa Esene said, “That game was definitely a hard one because we were so competitive throughout the whole game. We had opportunities to even win it. To take that kind of road trip down there, you really wanna come home with something. Unfortunately we didn’t, which is fine because it is apart of the game.”

For the most part, this season was the time of self discovery and identifying who they are as a team and what works the best for them. This is what helped the boys compete at every game and even win half of them.

At the beginning of the season, there were moments where the team wasn’t comfortable with their rotations, but they eventually bettered their defensive end.

Juniors Dawson Day, Jeret Schemlling and Brendan Ritchsard were the top three leading scorers of this season.

Esene looks forward to next year, which will be senior heavy and filled with lots of experience. “I think next year will definitely be a year of showing the end product of all the work we have put in these last couple of years.”