Interview with Ms. McIntosh – Graduate of 2006 – Series of Graduates, now Staff Members


Anthony Villa, Writer

Q1: Why did you come back to CHS?
A1: I love the school community, I always felt welcomed, and it’s just an awesome community to be part of.

Q2: Why did you choose the topic you teach, did someone influence you in high school?
A2: Mr. Basinski and Mrs. Loeung really inspired me. And I love working with young adults and I love learning and helping kids succeed to reach their goals and it’s a great schedule, I get all summer off.

Q3:What year did you graduate?
A3: I graduated in 2006.

Q4: What do you love about Centennial?
A4: I love the students and appreciate the staff. And people are always willing to learn and grow in this school.

Q5: What classes were offered then, that aren’t now?
A5: Wood Shop and Home economics, that’s all I can think of right now.

Fun fact: My parents graduated from here in 1977 and they met in room 123 and they are still currently married.