GSA – Update October 2021


Today I did an interview with myself as our school’s GSA President. I feel writing an article on the GSA is important; it brings awareness to the club and shows students that there is a safe space for them to go to. Like my interview with Will Hall, I am writing a similar article with similar questions.  I have been working with Jade Robinson and Stephen Hamilton on making a club that brings awareness and equality to the school. We agreed reopening the school’s GSA club would help bring equality to the school. 

Q1) What is your club?

A1) Our club is the Gender Sexuality Alliance. We chose these terms because we felt as though it was more fitting than Gay Straight Alliance, we feel as though the term Gender Sexuality Alliance is more inclusive and culturally appropriate. We plan to focus on educating on different sexualities and genders. 

Q2) What does your club do and how can it help students?

A2) Our club focuses on creating a safe space for students that identify or are allies to the LGBTQ community. We hope to educate and create a culture of inclusion at the club that students can take not only in the CHS halls but everyday life as well.


Q3) How can students join the club and is everyone welcome?

A3) We plan on having QR codes around the school with a link to a Google Form to sign up. Our doors are also always open. We are located in room 133 in the social studies hallway. Of course! Everyone is welcome to join. We encourage everyone to join. Whether you are a part of the community or an ally, we encourage you to join. Plus we have snacks and games!


Q4) Anything else you would like to share?

A4) The GSA welcomes all students. We encourage people to join if they would like to be educated more on the LGBTQ community. We are looking to educate folks on the importance of equality and the importance of having compassion before understanding.  

We meet every Tuesday and Thursday in room 133 at 3:30-4:30. We have snacks and would love for more people to join!