A Look Into Food 4 Families: How to Get Involved


Volunteers at the Food 4 Families bus.

Milana Oliphant, Assistant Editor

CHS has many different programs designed to help families in need.  One of these programs is Food 4 Families.  It was first created by FBLA students who saw a need for a food bank that all families could access .


A student whois currently on the Board of Directors, Ameer Alsaood, says that, “the board is full of students from CHS and two members who are actually customers of the food bank” so that all voices can be heard since they are directly impacted by the decisions they make.  This board of directors meets once a year to decide the budget and the schedule for next year.  


The way Food 4 Families originally worked is people go to the school and wait outside in line then when it is their turn you can walk through the bus where the food items are kept. The volunteers will help guide people through each station and make sure that everyone is able to get food.  Due to the Covid-19 pandemic they have had to change this process.  The food is now pre bagged and cars line up 3 at a time  to get their food. Where volunteers then wear masks and bring the bags of food to people’s cars.  


For those who do not drive they are helped first as Ameer stated, “ To minimize their risk the people who walk go first.” All volunteers now have to wear masks and practice social distancing in order to keep everyone safe.  “There is no meat like before it is mainly just pantry basics like bread and sometimes fruit.”  This is due to the inability to use the fridges that they normally use for the meat and perishable items.


Now a question that has been on most minds is when are the distributions now that the process has somewhat changed?  They are still doing 2 per month and have been seeing a great turnout of families who are in need of groceries.  Prior to Covid-19 during the bus system they would see an average of 96 families, since then they have been averaging 126 families.  When the pandemic first began they were “serving 225 families” as mentioned in the interview with Al-Saood.   


The official schedule is posted on their website which can be found by using this link, https://www.food4families.net/ A big appeal to the families in need is there are no requirements to show I.D. when picking up groceries.  They only ask for the address for the people who visit the food pantry to keep some kind of track who is all coming to the distributions. 


 Ameer said that “anyone who needs food can come, they are trying to help people,”  which is why they do not ask for an I.D. when you get there.  He did say that they have been very low on volunteers lately.  If anyone is interested in possibly volunteering with Food 4 Families contact Vanessa Garcia [email protected] about how to help.