The Talon Takes a Look into Student and Teacher Workstations


Beatrice Byrd, Editor

With the school year continuing in virtual learning, many people at CHS have had to adapt their workstations to have a suitable environment for working and teaching.

It has been interesting to see this year all of the many changes that have occurred because of distance learning, so here is a peek into what the CHS staff and students are doing to turn their home into the best possible learning and working environment.


Ben Petersen, Math Department

“I have to be in the building because I have a 4th grader and 1st grader doing DL also. Luckily we have Grandparents nearby to support at home learning with my kids so I can do work at school.”

Dean Ivester, Math Department 

Ivester does his work from his van

Adriann Hardin, Career and Technology Education, World Language

Each day, Hardin comes to school and teaches from Room 107.  “It gives me a sense of normal in these crazy times and I find I am able to do my job better at school than in a corner at my house.” Hardin also has enjoyed seeing her students on Zoom meetings and enjoys watching them learn virtually but admits she misses seeing students every day in person and having them make fun of her!

Jake Alleger, Senior

Akasha Benke, Sophomore

Gabrielle Pearse, Senior

Maggie Mailee Redden, Junior

Betty Fazzolari, Junior

Victor Hampton, Junior