Student Council: Upcoming Events and Newly Elected ASB Representatives


Beatrice Byrd, Editor

The Student Council has been working hard to ensure that CHS students can still participate in school activities even through the pandemic. 

These students have planned many upcoming events. Here is a list of the ASB officers and new representatives:


Freshman Class President: Motta Paw

Sophomore Class President: Kiera Cha

Junior Class President: Naomi Gurzhuy

Senior Class President: Heata Fononga

ASB President: Maleek Cruise

Vice President: Emily Chin

Videographer: Dylan Phung

Publicist: Danika Montoya

Treasurer: Kim Tu


Freshman Representatives: 

Motta Paw

Cynthia Arenas

Kim Ngo

Britney Henderson

Marisol Jeronimo

Esther Solomon


New Sophomore Representatives:

Mathew Vu

Ethan Nguyen


New Junior Representative:

Azeb Berhane


These CHS Students have set up events for the fall as listed below. Registration for the following events is open until tomorrow, October 30.

Pumpkin Carving Contest

  • Submit a time-lapse and final picture of the carved pumpkin by Oct. 31

Talent Show

  • Email audition to Advisor Jimmy Mei by Oct. 30

Short Story Contest

  • The theme is Dreams, and anything Fall related. Email stories to Mei by Nov. 20

Art Contest

  • Students can create any kind of art piece. This is super open. Be as creative as they want. The theme is Dreams. Pictures or videos of the final product must be emailed to Mei by Nov. 8

Decoration Contest

  • Decorate any space pertaining to the theme Dreams. It can be a hallway, door, car, room, whatever space students want. Pictures or videos of the final product must be emailed to Mei by Nov. 12

Students can find the registration forms on the Student Council page under activities on the CHS website. Click here for the link: