Cheer State 2020

Ashlee Jeanmarie, Staff Writer

On Saturday February 15 the State Competition was held for Cheer, at the Memorial Coliseum. After all of our long and hard practices that was the day that we would finally get to perform our hardest and give it all we had. When we arrived at the Competition we went into the team room along with a lot of other cheer teams. We then had time to roam around get food, merch, or watch other teams perform. At 3:00 we had to check in to get our team pictures, and around 5:30 we started to get warmed up for our performance which was estimated to go on at 6:00.   


After we performed, and left the Coliseum we got our results and found out that we scored zero and got 9th out of 12. 

Senior member Shelby Hemmer said, “Even though we didn’t place where we wanted to, we put our hearts out on that mat as one family.” 

I am proud of how my team performed, all of those hard and long practices truly paid off. We had a great time and I am so excited to see how the cheer program continues to do, and get better.


Here’s the link to our performance: (click here)